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Over at Crazy Eddies Motie News, I've posted a couple of entries about my experience both reading about food and eating new kinds of food during my two recent trips.

In Travel is broadening, even the reading, I describe two magazines for businesspeople noticing that eating local is becoming big business.

In Travel is broadening, especially the food, I discuss my particular experiences with eating an unconventional source of food for Americans while in Mexico and how I'm not alone. Not for the squeamish.

There will probably be more about my trips. If nothing else, I have to talk about the celebration of The Day of the Dead, which is like Halloween crossed with Mardi Gras, complete with drunken street parades in costume.

Also, stay tuned more more of my sniping at Objectivism.  I have two more posts on that topic up since my last update.
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Translated, the subject line means "I'm not going to be here tomorrow," and it was the last sentence en Espanol I said to my Spanish teacher back in 1982. "Porque?" he asked. "Job interview," I responded. I got the job and withdrew from all my classes (I already had a B.S. degree and was only attending community college on my mother's advice while I was unemployed as it would "give me some structure." She was right.)

It's time to use that sentence again, and it's even more appropriate tonight, as Spanish will be the language I will be using where I'm going tomorrow. I'll be back at the end of the week.

If you miss me, I've already queued up a post a day over at Crazy Eddie's Motie News. Blogger's ability to schedule posts does wonders for my ability to participate in NaBloPoMo, even when I'm AFK for a week!  It will be my third November participating since I started in 2009. I'd hate to miss it.


ETA: Unlocked because the only sensitive thing about this post was that I was announcing that I would be away, which I didn't want to tell the entire world in advance.  Now that I'm back, it's not a problem.
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A couple of hours ago, I posted Sustainability news from midwestern research universities for the week ending June 25, 2011 on Crazy Eddie's Motie News. One of the themes that emerged as I wrote this post was "how I have to add information I've learned in these posts to my teaching." This is one of the reasons I justify my blogging to my colleagues and superiors at work. They agreed, and list my science blogging as professional development. Seriously.

Following are three examples of why I use that justification and my co-workers agree.

Indiana University: IU Public Policy Institute releases report on private, public value of higher education
June 23, 2011
INDIANAPOLIS -- With recent headlines asking "Is college worth it?" and reports of a burgeoning student loan crisis, there has been considerable public discussion about the costs and benefits of higher education.

Often, those discussions are limited to how much individuals pay for school and how much they earn upon graduation. But from a policy-making perspective, evaluating higher education requires broader measures of economic and social benefits.

This is the purpose of a research review released by the Indiana University Public Policy Institute as part of its Policy Choices for Indiana's Future project. The Policy Choices initiative is designed to provide objective recommendations on key issues for future Indiana legislative and gubernatorial candidates.

"From lower incarceration and obesity rates to higher levels of civic engagement and volunteerism, education is associated with a broad array of benefits to both individuals and society," according to the report. "While the costs incurred educating our society are enormous, and growing, we must be aware that the costs of failing to do so might be even greater."
One of the mistakes people make about higher education is to consider it to be primarily an economic activity that improves the student's future earning power and decreases the student's risk of unemployment. I'm guilty of this myself, as I use Calculated Risk's graphs of unemployment over time for Americans of different education levels, such as this one.

I make the point that the students are engaging in an activity to increase their human capital, and they are. However, human capital doesn't just consist of the skills and knowledge they can apply to economic activity. It also includes one's ability to contribute to society. Just look at the list of social benefits--"lower incarceration and obesity rates to higher levels of civic engagement and volunteerism"--for examples.

Two more articles about the detritmental health effects of overpopulation combined with urbanization and climate change behind the cut. )

See what you're missing if 1) you're not reading Crazy Eddie's Motie News and/or 2) I'm not crossposting articles to Dreamwidth and LiveJournal?

Speaking of which, I ran a poll on my LJ for which posts from the past week on Crazy Eddie's Motie News I should repost on my personal journals. Right now, it's a three-way tie among Transformation Detroit, when Business as Usual attempts sustainability, Gas prices drop for a second week in Metro Detroit, and Kroger in Royal Oak, the videos. I'll be posting them after midnight as "fan" posts. If you want me to post more, go over to the poll and vote.  I'll comply.
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Another two for one.

Book recommendation: Stuffed and Starved

Stuffed and Starved
Markets, Power and the Hidden Battle for the World’s Food System

In this book, Raj Patel gives a piercing critique of the way global capitalism shapes what humans grow and eat, exposing many of the flaws in the food system that contribute to collapse and what can be done about it. It's also an entertaining and informative read and Raj Patel is a charming and compelling person who knows his gin.

Food News from La La Land


From PoliticusUSA:

ABC’s Food Revolution May Have Prompted Change in LA Schools’ Lunches

This season “Food Revolution” is filming in Los Angeles, even though the Los Angeles Unified School District refused Oliver and his show access.
Much more, including a video, at the link.

Time to run. I have an event to go to tonight. Hey, I can't be all doom all the time.
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April2011Badgekeep calm and carry on

Links to two posts today.

First, Agent Smith takes advantage of a teachable moment, in which I describe how I used a monologue from "The Matrix" to make a point.

Second, The theme song for this blog, in which I introduce Talking Head's "(Nothing But) Flowers" as the soundtrack for my posts.

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march11Detroit Where the Weak are Killed and EatenMichigan Stand Up and Fight

Crazy Eddie Motie News: Water Wars Detroit style

A brief overview of the controversies around the City of Detroit's water system, plus stories I tell my students (including one about my ex-girlfriend) and a brief programming note about a talk tomorrow night by Raj Patel.
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Late Night Motie News Linkspam

Tonight, news about food, energy, and politics, along with two stories I tell my students, one about the future of the human population and the other about shopping for a car. I'm sure you can guess which one is more entertaining.

Also, in case I don't get around to posting another entry today, the word for this entry is news.

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Continuing with selecting news posts with a common theme out of last week's Overnight News Digest: Science Saturday, I am posting three news items about Food. I'm planning on passing them out to my Global Politics of Food class tomorrow as current events and research to discuss. Why not get double duty out of them? After all, I was able to convince my department chair that compiling these articles was a form of professional development. :-)

Articles from Michigan State University and Purdue University about Food Deserts, the causes of the rising prices of food, and the effects of overfertilizing corn grown for ethanol behind the cut. )

I have at most a week on my free paid user trial on LJ. I'd better load up that "all your bouillabaise are belong to us" icon that I'm using here on Dreamwidth there before it runs out. I could use a food icon, there, too.


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