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National Fossil Day

Today is National Fossil Day, exactly the kind of holiday I'd celebrate at Crazy Eddie's Motie News except that I'm in the middle of featuring the News and Documentary Emmy winners in science, space, and medicine. Maybe next year. So, I'm observing it here by sharing a video I'll get around to posting at the main blog eventually, An Asteroid Didn’t Kill the Dinosaurs, Here’s a New Theory About What Did from Seeker.

Actually, the asteroid did kill the dinosaurs, just much more indirectly than originally thought.

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My wife and I watched the first season of "The Shannara Chronicles" when it came out on Netflix a year ago and found it surprisingly enjoyable. We've been looking forward to its return. That's tomorrow. Here's the trailer.

One of the things that the trailer makes clear is that the show takes place in a post-apocalyptic future, something I pointed out in a a comment on The Worlds That Never Were on Greer's Ecosophia blog: "It may not be immediately clear in the books, but in the opening credits and scenes of the TV series, it's explicit that the stories are set in a post-nuclear-war future where the elves, dwarves, and trolls evolved from humans in a radioactive environment and where ruins of our current civilization dot the landscape."

Watch the opening to see.

Here's to the second season being as fun to watch as the first.
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Silly Squirrels for Happy Wester 2017!
I'm single-handedly keeping alive a fake holiday called Wester, which is the first Sunday following the first Full Moon after the Autumnal Equinox... The holiday has its own animal mascot, the Wester Squirrel, which goes around and gathers goodies to hide instead of hiding goodies to pass out like the Easter Bunny.

Over at the main blog, I have videos of squirrels stealing each others' nuts and squirrels using a tactic from "The Walking Dead" to evade snakes.  Here, I have flying squirrels going for distance from National Geographic.  Hey, it's football season!

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I may not be posting saved comments from previous months, but I'm still posting them from current months.  Here are the ones from September, most of them from Booman Tribune.

My comment on Lowry, Trump and The Handmaid's Tale

I have two reactions to this article. First, Lowry does not mention any of the other nominees in any of the eight categories "The Handmaid's Tale" won, Outstanding Drama Series, Outstanding Actress in a Drama Series, Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Drama Series, Outstanding Directing for a Drama Series, Outstanding Writing for a Drama Series, Outstanding Guest Actress in a Drama Series for Alexis Bledel as Ofglen/Emily, Outstanding Cinematography for a Single-Camera Series (One Hour), and Outstanding Production Design for a Narrative Contemporary or Fantasy Program (One Hour or More). As someone who actually analyzed all the drama categores, both here and at my personal blog, I find that almost insultingly lazy. Which shows and actors did Lowry think deserved the awards more than "The Handmaid's Tale?" What would have have liked, winners from "The Crown" and "This is Us?" If he had a personal preference, he should have stated it, which would have helped his argument. Then again, he just wants to make a political point, not an artistic one.

That brings me to my second reaction. A lot of what conservatives do seems to liberals to be motivated by spite -- making liberals angry or just opposing us for its own sake (See Cleek's Law). We liberals generally aren't motivated by spiting conservatives; we usually want to make people's lives better. If conservatives get mad, we may accept it, but it's not our primary goal. On the other hand, there are some actions our side takes to show our displeasure. I don't doubt that "The Handmaid's Tale" sweeping its categories on Sunday was a result of the voting members of the Television Academy doing exactly that. If so, then Lowry's reaction showed that it worked. He shouldn't encourage us this way.

My comment on 2016 and the Great Democratic GOTV Shrinking at Booman Tribune.

"[H]er skipping WI and MI" -- Clinton didn't skip Michigan. She appeared in the state three times for the general election. I live in Michigan and followed the election closely, posting about it on my personal blog. I wrote about her first general election visit in August 2016 in Hillary Clinton rebuts Trump in Warren, Michigan. It was the day after Trump being greeted by protestors in Detroit. She made her second appearance in October at Wayne State University. She made her third visit in November, which I commented on at my personal blog in Surrogates galore in Michigan as campaign heats up. In addition, Bill Clinton marched in the Detroit Labor Day Parade and Tim Kaine campaigned in Ann Arbor. She probably should have made more campaign stops in Michigan, but she did not skip the state!

My comment on Midweek Cafe and Lounge, Vol. 31 at Booman Tribune.

More comments from Booman Tribune, mostly about music and drinks, plus a bonus comment from Ecosophia, behind the cut. )
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I'm not a fan of the USC Marching Band (I went to UCLA and marched in its band), but I stumbled across this while looking for marching bands playing Radiohead.  I'm posting it here to give the devil his due.

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Over at my main blog, I posted 'Star Trek: Discovery' debuts today on CBS. I have three videos there. This isn't one of them, but I thought it was worth sharing just the same.

May the series live long and prosper.
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Watching this video of a season 40 years past gave me an odd feeling of nostalgia. While I did not march in the Anaheim Kingsmen that year, I marched the next year, so I knew most of the people and had seen nearly all these photos.  In addition, while I was not on the field, I was in the stands for this show, so I was there.

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I've been following ICP's travails with the FBI declaring their fans a gang since 2012 with updates here and here.  Normally, I'd post this at Crazy Eddie's Motie News, but I posted Goodbye, Cassini! today instead.  I might follow up with the results of the march here or at my main blog later.

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I've been missing from blogging because I've been hospitalized for diabetes and Grave's disease.  I'm home now, but I'm sharing the above photo from the hospital, a courtyard with fake (but beautiful and very convincing) maple trees until I have more to write about my experience.  In the meantime, have a music video.

An instrumental cover of this song is also on the "Westworld" soundtrack, which I might share later as well.

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Happy Labor Day and Happy National Wildlife Day! Click on the link in the salutation for my thoughts on both holidays. Instead of writing about the day here, I'll post something a little more meta. I included three title sequences along with the theme songs at Crazy Eddie's Motie News in 'Westworld' leads drama series with 22 Emmy nominations, followed by 'Stranger Things' with 19 and 'The Handmaid's Tale' with 13 and "House of Cards" leads contemporary American political dramas with six nominations. I'll share them behind the cut. First, here's Opening Credits: How TV's Title Sequences Grew Up | WIRED.

Title sequences for 'Stranger Things,' 'Westworld,' and 'The Good Fight' behind the cut. )
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I've been listening to the "Westworld" soundtrack and was amazed at how many covers of late 20th Century rock songs are on it.  Two of them stuck be as being a bit too on the nose, "No Surprises" and "Exit Music - For a Film," both from Radiohead's OK Computer album.  Not only are they from an album with computer in the title, no surprises is what the robots are supposed to deliver.  Here's that track.

The other track actually got used as "exit music for a film" or at least a TV show.

I find both of these selections to be genius and more than a little creepy.

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Total Eclipse of the Heart single cover

To celebrate today's eclipse on the main blog, I posted Vox on the Great American Eclipse.  Here, I'm observing the occasion, if not the eclipse itself, with something sillier.  Take it away, Unipiper!


Keep Portland weird, Unipiper!


Next, a bit of history about the song itself.

This song is about a romantic relationship with a vampire?  First, if I had known that 30 years ago, when it became "our song" for myself and my ex-wife, I might have realized that it could be a bad omen for our relationship.  Second, I have just the icon for that!

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I stumbled upon this video, which features two of my favorite actresses in two of my favorite speculative fiction television series having a conversation about show business and their craft, and thought it was worth sharing with my readers.

Good luck to both of them at the Emmy Awards next month.

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I'm posting about National Presidential Joke Day both here and at Crazy Eddie's Motie News. There, the post was SNL mocks Trump for Presidential Joke Day. Here, it's Colbert saying Stephen Doesn't Want The Earth To Blow Up.

As a homeowner and inhabitant of the planet, Stephen is really hoping Earth continues to be.
Doomer though I am, I'm with Colbert. I may repost this at Crazy Eddie's Motie News on Tuesday, after I post the worksheet for "Treasures of the Earth: Power" that I promised to post three weeks ago, the winners for Dramatic Presentation at the Hugo Awards, and the winners of the Teen Choice Awards.
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Parking this here for fannish amusement.

DC Comics is giving their fans a truly magical cross-company spell in the form of a Zatanna & Sabrina the Teenage Witch team-up. It’s a tease that would have been a bit more shocking if readers didn’t already have the larger comic crossover of Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy with Betty and Veronica to look forward to. That combination of Gotham City and Riverdale icons is still being written, but it sounds like the crossover will bring more than just the core members of the Archie Gang into the two publishers’ next magical crossover. But exactly what brand of mischief could bring Zatanna Zatara into the world of Sabrina, and how it may factor into this current crossover, or one of their own… that’s the real mystery.

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Harry Potter's birthday

Since I posted July's saved comments yesterday, I have today free to do something not related to my blogging and commenting life elsewhere. WXYZ provided me that something yesterday with On Harry Potter's birthday, a reminder: Daniel Radcliffe is a Red Wings fan.

After 28 years of living here, I've learned that Detroit media will celebrate any connection with Detroit.
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Patrick Stewart as the voice of poop emoji
I wrote yesterday that "I'll be back tomorrow with the entries I actually posted at my main blog." That's not happening today. Maybe tomorrow. Instead, I've found two clips of actors in "The Emoji Movie" promoting the film on late night talk shows. The first is Sir Patrick Stewart's Next Distinguished Role: Poop Emoji on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert when he was ostensibly there to promote "Logan."

The second is Maya Rudolph Struggled Getting into Character as Cartoon Emoji from Late Night with Seth Meyers, which was taped on World Emoji Day. She even mentions that in the video.

As I wrote in the subject line, first-rate voice talent for a second-rate movie. Maybe it will be better than I fear.
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World Emoji Day from National Day Calendar

There are some holidays I don't plan on blogging at Crazy Eddie's Motie News. World Emoji Day is one of them. Here's what National Day Calendar says about the holiday.

Description of the holiday and a trailer for the Emoji Movie behind the cut. )

I'll be back tomorrow with the entries I actually posted at my main blog.
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Santa Clara Vanguard 2013 Les Miserables

Happy Bastille Day! Over at Crazy Eddie's Motie News, I wished my readers a drum corps Bastille Day, just as I did last year. However, I have more material saved up than I used this year at the main blog. As I have written multiple times, most recently in Tipsy Bartender recipes for National Mojito Day, "I'm an environmentalist; not only do I recycle, I conserve my resources." In the meantime, Vive La France!

Boston Crusaders 2011.

From the DCI World Championship the 2011 Boston Crusaders opener. They placed 8th overall.
Flashback Friday - 2011

2013 Santa Clara Vanguard - Les Misérables.


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