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The second paragraph of Mid-storm update on Ion in Detroit read:
Then, at 6 PM, my workplace closed, along with dozens of other schools. As the Detroit News describes the situation, there will be "no school from Lincoln Park to Clarkston, Ann Arbor to Utica and Lincoln Park to Grosse Pointe." Snow Day!

Time to post the fantasy and reality of snow days in Michigan like I did in First major snowfall and it's already late January. For the fantasy, I present Pure Michigan's Snow Days.

Remember snow day when the schools were closed and the day was wide open? The first step into fresh powder was like stepping into a new world.

Now the reality from John Kerfoot of Not So Pure Michigan: Pure Michigan: Snow Days.

If this looks familiar, then you read to the end of Hercules leaves behind a snow day. If you did, you should also remember my punchline.
At least we got more than five inches, and I got a snow day. Vacation extended until tomorrow!
What do you expect? I'm an environmentalist; I recycle!

Originally posted at Crazy Eddie's Motie News.
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Translated, the subject line means "I'm not going to be here tomorrow," and it was the last sentence en Espanol I said to my Spanish teacher back in 1982. "Porque?" he asked. "Job interview," I responded. I got the job and withdrew from all my classes (I already had a B.S. degree and was only attending community college on my mother's advice while I was unemployed as it would "give me some structure." She was right.)

It's time to use that sentence again, and it's even more appropriate tonight, as Spanish will be the language I will be using where I'm going tomorrow. I'll be back at the end of the week.

If you miss me, I've already queued up a post a day over at Crazy Eddie's Motie News. Blogger's ability to schedule posts does wonders for my ability to participate in NaBloPoMo, even when I'm AFK for a week!  It will be my third November participating since I started in 2009. I'd hate to miss it.


ETA: Unlocked because the only sensitive thing about this post was that I was announcing that I would be away, which I didn't want to tell the entire world in advance.  Now that I'm back, it's not a problem.
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Continuing with selecting news posts with a common theme out of last week's Overnight News Digest: Science Saturday, I am posting three news items about Food. I'm planning on passing them out to my Global Politics of Food class tomorrow as current events and research to discuss. Why not get double duty out of them? After all, I was able to convince my department chair that compiling these articles was a form of professional development. :-)

Articles from Michigan State University and Purdue University about Food Deserts, the causes of the rising prices of food, and the effects of overfertilizing corn grown for ethanol behind the cut. )

I have at most a week on my free paid user trial on LJ. I'd better load up that "all your bouillabaise are belong to us" icon that I'm using here on Dreamwidth there before it runs out. I could use a food icon, there, too.


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