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I've been writing about how Tea Partiers are screwing up efforts at sustainable development both nationally and here in Michigan over at Crazy Eddie's Motie News, my sustainability blog on Blogspot. Here are the posts on this topic for the last month.

More paranoia about Agenda 21

The Atlantic on Tea Partiers disrupting planning commissions because of Agenda 21

Rachel Maddow on the Emergency Manager Law

Troy's City Council votes down transit center

Troy Mayor Janice Daniels shows how to be vulnerable to a scandal

Mayor Daniels, founder of the Troy Tea Party, is someone well worth watching and my friend Sharon at Keep Troy Strong is doing that full time. I highly recommend you check out her continuing coverage.

Above originally posted as Blogging about the Tea Party at [community profile] teabagger_watch  on Dreamwidth.

Bonus post: Tea Party Patriots founder Mark Meckler arrested
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Forgot these posts from November in yesterday's post. With the loss of Herman "Plan 999 from Outer Space" Cain, they're a bit dated, but otherwise still topical until next Tuesday's Iowa caucuses.

If the GOP primary were a CEO search

Republican debate at Oakland University tonight

More videos about tonight's Republican debate

Video clips from last night's Republican debate

Rick Perry blowing his answer to the Jeopardy theme

Those last four have been surprisingly popular. The day after every Republican candidate debate, these posts jump up into the day's top ten most viewed entries. Praise be to search engines!

Still on the agenda--global and national environmental issues, local (Michigan and Metro Detroit) sustainability issues, and Tea Party screw-ups.
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Nate Silver displays Newt Gingrich's unimpeachable conservative credential

It's beginning to look a lot like Gingrich

You're a mean one, Newt Gingrinch

I know I've posted the above two links before. Hey, I'm an environmentalist. I recycle.

Perry fails to make VA GOP primary ballot

Now Gingrich misses the Virginia ballot

More political links tomorrow, most likely on either local issues or how Tea Partiers are screwing up sustainability.  Actually, there's a big overlap between those two categories; just Google Janice Daniels of Troy to see what I mean.

Now, off to play Star Wars: The Old Republic with my wife.

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Fat Cat goes Galt

A while ago, I promised "[t]here will be more, including a political-themed post and one that disses Objectivism."  It's time to make good on that promise, with the one about Objectivism first.  With no further ado, here are the posts at Crazy Eddie's News about Objectivism and Objectivists since the last one a month ago.

Ayn Rand on love and sex

A Day in Exquisite Insults of Objectivists

Blast from the past: Pathology on the Right, a commentary on Krugman's "Two speeches and an editorial"

More Krugman on Paul Ryan

Now some posts that relate to those above, one on political psychopathology and another on an economic school of thought that some Libertarians subscribe to.

Occupy Psychopaths video

The Austrian School: Faith-based economics and pseudoscience

The political posts I promised will be coming later.
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Fat Cat goes Galt

It's been a while since I've shot spitwads at Objectivism here on DW and LJ. The last time I did so is here, although I have a history of doing so. However, I was very busy last week throwing rotten tomatoes at Ayn Rand, her books, and her philosophy over at Crazy Eddie's Motie News.

Objectivism and Scientology: a sublime to the ridiculous comparison

Quotes about Objectivism from the snarky to the serious

Collapse is all there in the Objectivist manual

Atlas Chugged

To be honest, I have an ulterior motive, as mentioned in The hornet swatting begins today. Unfortunately, the hornet managed to fly away. As long as he continues his flight, it's OK with me.
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These three posts have been very popular, as I had a bit fewer than 200 hits yesterday and more than 200 hits so far today, and it's not even noon.

Here are the previews.

Republican debate at Oakland University tonight

More videos about tonight's Republican debate

And here's the post about the debate itself.

Video clips from last night's Republican debate

My summary judgment about the debate was that Perry lost by shooting himself in the foot. Cain should be grateful for that. The sharks were circling him before the debate. Now they smell someone else's blood.

Just for completeness, here's the Nablopomo badge. This blog isn't registered in Nablopomo, but Crazy Eddie's Motie News is!

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I know this doesn't fit the theme of sustainability in Detroit. It does fit the Nablopomo theme of Fiction and the listing of this blog under politics on the Nablopomo blogroll. Besides, I see the Tea Partiers as obstacles to achieving sustainability. so it's not as off-topic as one might first think.

Open Book

First, the e-book version of her book says it's a work of fiction, hence the Nablopomo badge. )

Originally posted to Crazy Eddie's Motie News. A shorter version crossposted to political_wank on JournalFen and teabagger_watch on Dreamwidth.

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Yes, she did. )
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Open Book

I'm going to take advantage of this month's NaBloPoMo theme to talk a little smack about the Tea Party Patriots, the closest analog in the Tea Party Movement to Coffee Party USA. However, I won't be alone. Take it away Stephanie Mencimer of Mother Jones!
The Washington media was buzzing Wednesday after the leaders of the Tea Party Patriots came to town and announced that House Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio) deserved a primary challenge, along with any other Republican who voted to raise the debt ceiling. Mark Meckler, a national coordinator of the Tea Party Patriots, told the Daily Beast that Boehner's deficit plan was "an embarrassment." At a Christian Science Monitor breakfast, Meckler declared Boehner's numbers "fake" and "phantom."

It was an interesting choice of words, since they might also describe the number of tea partiers Meckler and his co-coordinator, Jenny Beth Martin, claim to represent. In the news coverage, Tea Party Patriots has been consistently identified has having at least 3,500 local chapters, making it one of the largest tea party organizations in the country. But many of those chapters are, to use Meckler's term, phantom, which raises the question of whether the GOP House leadership should really be paying quite so much attention to the noise coming from the tea party leaders working the media circuit right now.
That would have been good advice, considering that listening to it resulted in a stock market crash and a S&P downgrading the U.S. credit rating.
Last fall, the Washington Post’s Amy Gardner tried to verify the TPP’s numbers. She attempted to run down every one of its local chapters. Out of the 2,300 chapters TPP then claimed to have, Gardner could only identify 1,400; of those, she was only able to make contact with 647. Most had fewer than 50 members, and some consisted of a single person. That's a fraction of the 15 million people TPP's leaders often claim to represent when they're on the Hill demanding that Republicans refuse to increase the debt ceiling. Which raises the question of why, exactly, Republicans are taking them so seriously.
About the most generous hard number one could use for the membership of the Tea Party Patriots would be the 831,887 accounts who "like" their page on Facebook. Even that would be overly generous, as those accounts could include both legitimate fan pages of other organizations and fan pages of public figures that are separate from the public figures' personal pages, as well as users' sockpuppets they create to be their own neighbors on Farmville. Even taken at face value, that number would overstate their support, as a lot of those people are "slacktivists" who are perfectly happy to read, like, and share the posts on Facebook, but don't contribute any money or even show up at rallies. A better source of the organization's strength would be the number of people on their email list. Good luck getting that out of them short of inducing them to brag about it. Mind you, with this group, that might be easier than one might think.
There are other reasons to question the wisdom of Republicans taking economic advice from national leaders of the Tea Party Patriots and other top tea partiers in the news this week. Consider the fact that before riding the tea party movement to national fame, Meckler was a high-ranking distributor for Herbalife, a company considered by many consumer groups and regulatory agencies to be a pyramid scheme. After that, he got into "affiliate marketing," an industry responsible for all of those "tiny belly" ads haunting the Internet that the FTC says are a scam. His colleague, Jenny Beth Martin, also doesn't have a great track financial record. In 2007, she and husband lost their house and ended up owing the IRS more than $500,000 in back taxes.
I posted this paragraph in a comment to Fiscally Irresponsible at Hysterical Raisins, introducing it with "the financial rot extends down to the grass roots" and concluding it with "As I wrote, rotten down to the grass roots." At the time, I hadn't read the article at the last link in the paragraph. I should have; things are worse than I thought!

More at Crazy Eddie's Motie News.
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In James Howard Kunstler swims against the stream on marriage equality, I pointed out three areas, marriage equality, hard currency, and immigration, where Kunstlers ideas didn't square with his self-professed liberal identity. I emphasized his issues with immigration policy in Happy 4th of July from James Howard Kunstler's Tea Party!, in which I commented on the following passage from My Tea Party.
My tea party would reduce legal immigration to a tiny trickle and get serious about enforcing sanctions against people who are here without permission...The truth is that neither party really wants to do anything about the extraordinary influx of Mexican nationals because they want to pander to a growing segment of Hispanic voters (or secondarily want to maintain the pool of cheap labor for US businesses). My party does not believe in unbounded multi-culturalism. My party also views the lawlessness of the current situation to be corrosive of the rule-of-law generally. My party views the global population overshoot problem as a condition that requires a more rigorous defense of US territory, sovereign resources, and even whatever remains of American common culture.
One particular paragraph of my response bore directly on this paragraph.
There is already an answer to the Tea Party based on critical thinking. It's called the Coffee Party...They quite agree with Jim about the major parties being hostages to political money, and would also agree about many of his goals. The only thing they would not agree with Jim about would be severe restrictions on legal immigration, as Annabel Park, the Coffee Party's nominal leader, is Korean-American and would not get on board with any policy she sees as immigrant bashing.
Given that background, it should come as no surprise that Kunstler himself would bring up his zero tolerance stance on immigration, however indirectly, and that I would jump on him for it.
Old Allen Ginsburg got it right fifty years ago: "America, go fuck yourself with your atom bomb," he said. Even back then, in the age of purple people eaters and the weird neutered figure of Ozzie Nelson lurking in kitchen with nothing to do but drink endless cups of coffee, all was not so well. Freedom to cruise for burgers turned out to be a pretty trashy thing, considering all the blood and sacrifice that preceded those days of fun in the California sunshine. Look at California now: Nathanial West Meets Aztlan (coming soon on home video). Who put that locust in my burrito?
My response caught a lot of fish, including one that I kept and am putting on display as a trophy. )

Above originally posted at Crazy Eddie's Motie News.
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In my previous post on Crazy Eddie's Motie News, I made this programming note.
Another departure is that I won't be posting the sustainability linkspams one right after the other. I plan on interrupting them tomorrow with another post about bloggers swimming against the stream. This one will be about what Kunstler wrote regarding marriage equality in New York and will be a demonstration that I don't admire all bloggers who go against the flow.
Kunstler had the following to say about marriage equality.
Which brings me to the troublesome subject of gay marriage, which is lately up for debate in the legislature of New York State where I live, making it the public's business. I have an unpopular view of it for men of my demographic (Democrat, Boomer). I'm not in favor of it. I don't think it is a good idea. I don't have empirical proof, but I suspect that unsettling such an age-old and fundamental social arrangement will produce strange unanticipated consequences that we are not prepared for. I don't believe gay marriage is a genuine social justice issue. I think it is a bid for a kind of broad social approbation which does not require ritual enactment in law, and would be socially mischievous to pursue. Civil unions would cover the necessary legal issues. Otherwise, it is a case of unwarranted relativism, a Boomer weakness. Not all conditions or states of being in this world are the same. Some things are on the margins because they are marginal.

What fascinates me in the debate is the narcissism of Boomers, males especially, who advocate so earnestly in favor of gay marriage. Is it really about the law and social relations, or is it about making yourself feel good? Is it just more posturing for moral brownie points, for approval? Is your job and social position or maybe even sense of yourself at stake if you have a differing view?
As you can guess, this did not go over well. )

Above originally posted to Crazy Eddie's Motie News.

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"Palin Fans Trying to Edit Wikipedia Paul Revere Page"

Little Green Footballs has the info.

Crossposted to [community profile] teabagger_watch on Dreamwidth and political_wank on JournalFen.


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