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The deadline to register to vote or update one's address for the February elections in Michigan is Monday, January 27, 2013.
Credits: Scott Olson/Getty Images
Deadline to register for February election is Monday
While the next elections in Michigan are a month away, the deadline to register to vote is tomorrow.

All those who wish to vote on February 25th must be registered to vote by Monday, January 27th. Michigan residents can find out if they are already registered by filling out the online form at the Secretary of State website. However, if one has moved to a new city or township, one must re-register. Also, if one has moved from one residence to another within a city or township, one must update the address. Normally, that happens when the address on a driver's license is changed at the Secretary of State's office.
In Washtenaw County, residents of Salem Township will be joining others in the Salem-South Lyon Library District in voting on a millage proposal.
More details at the link in the headline. Also, welcome to the next installment of Save the libraries, save civilization.

Originally posted at Crazy Eddie's Motie News.
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I've been busy over at Crazy Eddie's Motie News following the local library situation.

More metro Detroit library news for May 2011

An update on library access for Bloomfield Hills

I'll be combining these two entries and posting the result on Daily Kos and Michigan Liberal. I'll keep you all updated.

I also have posts on sustainability news, including a special post about the U.S.-China relationship entitled U.S.-China EcoPartnerships: The CoDominion plans for sustainability. I plan on excerpting and editing those for posting as well, maybe.


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In our previous installment, I wrote:

Troy City Council asks for August library ballot question
Special to The Oakland Press
If the council formally adopts the ballot language at its next meeting on Monday, the council will have to vote on a measure to keep the library open at least until the special election. The library was originally scheduled to be closed after April 30. The council called off the closure last month until it had an opportunity to discuss ways to keep it open.
Here's to the City Council approving the measure and putting it on the ballot in August. That's a nice "maybe."

"Next Monday" was the day before yesterday, and there's no maybe about it.

UPDATED: Troy City Council approves August library ballot question, budget )

Orignally posted to Crazy Eddie's Motie News. Crossposted to Michigan Liberal and Daily Kos.
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Blogger/Blogspot was down most of yesterday and today.  Fortunately, it wasn't down long enough today to prevent me from posting today's entry for Nablopomo.  Here it is.

Meta on yesterday's post about Troy's library

A brief note now that Blogger is back up.

I crossposted yesterday's post, "Save the library, save Troy", to Daily Kos and Michigan Liberal. Both copies were more successful than the original here, where, because of the outage, Blogger records that yesterday's entry has no views. To be fair, before the outage, it had about 11, but all record of those views has been erased.

The copy at Daily Kos received 31 recommendations, 11 comments, and 87 views just from registered members alone, and made the recommended list. It was also republished to four groups there, by Progressive Friends of the Library Newsletter, Michigan, My Michigan, Class Warfare Newsletter: The Plutocracy VS the Working Class, and Readers and Book Lovers. The first two were my doing, but the latter pair of groups were by other readers. I'm quite flattered, as one of my diaries has never been so widely distributed.

The copy at Michigan Liberal garnered an honor none of my writings has never experienced before at a site where I don't have admin priviledges--it was promoted to the front page.

Maybe I should post more of my material over at those two sites.

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Late last month, I posted the following in Save the libraries, save civilization:

Across metro Detroit, communities bracing for library closings
Troy's library was originally scheduled to close Sunday. But on April 18, the City Council postponed the closing until May 16, hoping to find a way to fund the library.

Troy Mayor Louise Schilling said she would seek a dedicated millage for the library, releasing its dependence on the city's general operating budget.

Schilling said she hopes a library millage is on the November ballot.
I do, too, Madame Mayor, and I know people who would campaign for it, too. I hope you get together with them.
Looks like I got my wish, which also happened to be the wish of those who will campaign for the library millage. )

Above originally posted to Crazy Eddie's Motie News as "Save the library, save Troy". Crossposted to Daily Kos and Michigan Liberal. More about those crossposts in my next entry.
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In the very first post on this blog, I wrote:
Saving civilization is about preventing libraries falling into ruin while we build sports arenas and military bases.
Actually, saving the libraries might strike some people as frivolous, but remember that the way the humans in the book discovered the truth about moties was by stumbling into a museum designed to speed the rise of Motie civilization after the next collapse.  Another example involves Canticle for Leibowitz, the plot of which revolves around a monastery that includes a library the mission of which is to help revive civilization after its collapse.  So, it's not as stupid an idea as it seems.  Thanks to that suggestion, you can expect posts on saving cultural institutions during collapse, not just for how to keep yourself fed and safe.
I haven't been very good about doing so (I didn't even blog about the musicians of the Detroit Symphony Orchestra ending their strike, which fits the topic), but the Detroit Free Press has obliged me with an update.

Across metro Detroit, communities bracing for library closings

After Romulus voters rejected a 2.75-mill proposal in February, officials announced plans to close the city's library.

But members of the Friends of the Romulus Public Library hope to make a last-ditch plea to the council tonight that may keep the doors open or at worse, eliminate a permanent shutdown.

"If we close the library, we are denying people's rights," said Sylvia Makowski, president of the group. "It goes against democratic principles."
Now, that's a take on the situation that I like, and I wish to hear Ms. Makowski elaborare on that idea. Instead, the article quotes the mayor, who points out the economic benefits of the library.

"The library is not just for kids, but our seniors and those who are using online services," Romulus Mayor Alan Lambert said. "In this economy people are using the library to do their résumés and for other job services."
Remember, this article is about austerity, which means the question becomes where does one find the money. The Friends of the Romulus Public Library have an answer.

The group has a plan that includes a 0.2-mill levy, which would cost residents about $8.50 more in taxes a year.

The millage defeated in February included support for other services and would have cost residents between $150 and $300 in increased taxes.
Looks like the library was collatoral damage.

Romulus isn't the only community where the libraries are in danger. )

Above originally posted to Crazy Eddie's Motie News as Save the libraries, save civilization on April 29, 2011.

Update to the above: Troy's City Council is meeting tonight. Millages, including one to support the library, are on the agenda.


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