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Happy National Comic Book Day

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For more, read the following entries at Crazy Eddie's Motie News.

50 years of the Maple Leaf Flag for Canada Day
Canadian drum corps for Canada Day
A Happy Drum Corps Canada Day 2017!

I'll return to my regular series of posts with the saved comments for June 2017 tomorrow and the top posts for June 2017 on the 3rd.
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I tried to put together a serious entry last week at Crazy Eddie's Motie News and failed. Instead, I present Vladimir Putin on His Little Pony from JollyJack on DeviantArt.

Yes, Pooty Poot as a Brony. As if that's not enough to twit Vladimir Putin, the Most Interesting Man in the World, here is the music I decided to listen to when I saw this: "Go West" by the Pet Shop Boys.

More at Crazy Eddie's Motie News.
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NaBloPoMo July 2012

Follow up to Nablopomo for July: Kids Week 3.

Here's the blurb I wrote to promote my blog in the comments to James Howard Kunstler's site.  This week's entry isn't up yet, so my flist here at Dreamwidth and LJ get to read it first.
As for the future of the Olympics, I'm sure they'll last until at least 2020 and maybe decades longer. After all, it took the Roman Emperor Theodosius banning the games to stop the original after more than 1000 years, and world wars to interrupt the modern version. They'll definitely have more longevity than the activity I described in last week's "Christmas in July," the videos for which have already been taken down from YouTube for copyright violation. I knew that would happen; I just didn't think it would occur that soon. After all, people in the First World, particularly Americans, are quite clear about their screwed up priorities. They want their entertainment to continue. Bread and circuses, everyone!

Over at Crazy Eddie's Motie News, I haven't blogged about the Olympics yet, although I have a post or two about the science of the games planned. Instead, I have a retrospective of one of my posts from last year that I did compose with the readers of this blog in mind, about how a group of artists and designers completely avoided the real problems of surburbia. Their solutions were quite impractical, but they did become an exhibit at the Museum of Modern Art that is showing for another three weeks. By their standards, that would count as a success. I also posted some videos about sustainable agriculture I showed to my students, including one about the MetroFoodPlus project Michigan State University is planning in Detroit. I also continued my series about science crime scenes, space news, endorsements for the upcoming Michigan primary, and climate news. Finally, I razzed the best man from my first wedding, who trolled my blog asking for Jell-O recipes. I found a good one for him.
Now, the links to the posts.

The top post of the bunch was Christmas in July. Too bad the videos for it have been taken down.
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In my previous Buzz about Detroit from Model D Media post, I noted:
Nearly all of my most popular articles here seem to the ones in which I comment on a New York Times article about how Detroit and its suburbs are dealing with contraction. This one fits that mold, except that it's more optimistic.
That seems to be the theme for nearly all the articles from Model D Media's Buzz page. Of course, one should expect that from a publication whose Twitter profile states:
We love Detroit. We write about Detroit. We photograph Detroit. We film Detroit. We want you to love Detroit, too.
...And whose attitude I characterized as "Optimism but not business as usual." They're certainly living up to both my billing and their own.

This week, I present three articles that protray Detroit, not as a disaster and not as a place being reborn from its ashes, but as a phoenix worth visiting. No, I'm not kidding. Detroit is now a place for the adventurous to visit and settle in.

Excerpts of and commentary on travel and real estate articles from the New York Times, BBC, and Financial Times behind the cut. )

Above originally posted to Crazy Eddie's Motie News as Detroit as a travel destination? The New York Times, BBC, and Financial Times think so.
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It's not too early to use this badge.


Los Angeles Times: Shakespeare not a hit with voters in online charity contest
Mike Boehm
May 26, 2011

William Shakespeare would be a front-runner if experts were to vote on the greatest creative artist of all time, but he was just an also-ran in the Chase Community Giving competition, an online charity-by-popular-vote contest that ended Wednesday night.

JPMorgan Chase will donate $3.125 million to the top 25 vote-getters; the other 75 -– including the Shakespeare Center of Los Angeles, which finished 51st -- get $25,000 each for making the final round of 100.
Despite some Twitter-based help from Bard-friendly celebrities, including Tom Hanks, William Shatner, Reba McEntire and Christina Applegate, the 1,961 votes the Shakespeare Center mustered left it more than 25,000 behind the winner. Its proposal called for expanding its Will Power program, which provides summer jobs for teens as they learn the ropes of the theatrical trade and also assists Shakespearean learning in city schools. Founding artistic director Ben Donenberg had hoped to extend the job-training to recently discharged military veterans.

So who did beat out Shakespeare in the arts category?

The top arts vote-getter was Pennsylvania-based Youth Education in the Arts, which will use its $225,000 fourth-place money to launch March 4 Music, a nationwide fund-raising campaign for high school band programs. Other arts groups -- apart from four drum-and-bugle corps -- were the National Assn. for Music Education (37th), Music For All (38th), the Wheeling (W.Va.) Symphony (48th), Symphony Silicon Valley (59th), Kansas City (Mo.) Repertory Theatre (75th), Women Make Movies Inc. of New York City (85th) and Architecture for Humanity of San Francisco (95th).

The four drum and bugle corps the L.A. Times neglected to name were The Cadets, who are part of Youth Education in the Arts, and Santa Clara Vanguard, Blue Devils, and Glassmen, each of which won $20,000 in the second round on top of the $25,000 in the first round. Also in the competition was the parent organization for competitive junior drum and bugle corps in North America, Drum Corps International, which earned $100,000 in the second round in addition to its $25,000 from the first round.

Those of you who have been reading my journal know that I have a long and emotional history with drum corps. You may not know that this particular story hits closer to home than most. The director of Youth Education in the Arts could have been the uncle to the stepchildren I would have had if we had both married the women we were dating from 2000-2004. They were sisters-in-law. The perverse part of that was that we (the director and I, not our ex-girlfriends) were well-known frenemies on the Internet at the time. Since his ex-girlfriend's real brother wanted nothing to do with him, I decided to pick up the role of annoying brother-in-law and take public pot shots at him. I don't know what he thought of the relationship, but I had fun doing it until I started getting fed up with activity and its fans.

Now that I've walked away from drum corps, we're no longer frenemies. We're just casual friends and have a very pleasant relationship on Facebook with no sniping on my part. I'm a lot happier for it.

Oh, and I'm not planning on seeing any shows this summer, either. The grieving in advance continues.
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As any of you who have reading my journal for any length of time have probably figured out, I have deeply ambivalent feelings about drum and bugle corps. On the one hand, I loved it dearly and was a great fan of it. On the other hand, it ended up treating me badly, and I had to walk away from it because I realized that it was bad for me. The same could be said about the women I dated who marched in drum corps, particularly the last one, who I was with for 10 years, but that's another story.

In any event, I am still nostalgic for the activity (admiring it from afar isn't as hazardous to my mental health as actually being involved) and regularly follow goldsmith1210's series about the top 50 drum and bugle corps of the past 40 years on YouTube. His most recent video included one of my favorite performances, the 2000 Boston Crusaders, which reminded me that it was in one of my playlists. It also reminded me that I had written one of my favorite reviews of that performance as well.

With that, I present Boston Crusaders' 2000 show "The Color Red" along with my reviews.

An amalgam of two reviews behind the cut. )

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Coffee Party Survivor Logo
coffee party logo new

Yes, folks, these are new logos for Coffee Party USA.

The top one is the logo for our Survivor: Trickle-Down Economics video project, which is part of our Coffee Break Campaign to Save America. It's also the current logo on Coffee Party USA's Facebook page. The bottom one was the previous logo on the Facebook page.

Don't worry about the old logo. It's still being used on the website.

Above will be crossposted to the Coffee Party USA communities on Dreamwidth and Livejournal.

Those of you who know that I used to be a huge Survivor fan might think that I had something to do with that first logo. I only helped to suggest the theme. Lots of other people ran with the idea and did the hard work.

Now the badges for this post--Word for the monthly theme and Art for the logo designs.

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Last night, I saw this combination of ad with subject material on Daily Kos. I thought it was both striking and grimly amusing, so I took a screenshot.

Evangelion Ad on Daily Kos

Yes, that really is a banner ad for Evangelion 2.22 juxtaposed against "Japan Nuclear Incident." Google Ads strikes again!

march11Nablopomo Feb 2011nablo0910_120x90

And yes, all three badges apply, first for the word advertising, second for fictional characters, and third for life imitating art. At least there are no Angels involved in this episode of destruction.
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Following up on my previous posts in my LiveJournal and fandom_lounge on JournalFen on university teams playing Quidditch, a case of life imitating art.

Right now, the video above has more views than either of the videos UCLA posted about their men's basketball team in the NCAA Tournament within the same 24 hour period.

UCLA Quidditch

Inspired by the famous "Harry Potter" book and film series, Quidditch is the newest sport to sweep the UCLA campus and the rest of the world. UCLA is actively involved in the International Quidditch Association's Western Regional Division. Learn about this unique sport and its players who made Quidditch a bona fide club sport team at UCLA. "Fantasy becoming a reality does not happen nearly as often as it should."
The video above shows that Eastern Michigan University isn't the only one of my four alma maters that plays organized Quidditch. UCLA does as well. The University of Michigan also has a team Even California State University, Northridge, which has the least school spirit of any of my four alma maters, has a Facebook page for people trying to organize a team.

So, three of my four alma maters have Quidditch teams and the fourth is trying. How about yours?

A less graphics-intense version posted at fandom_lounge on JournalFen.


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