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October's theme for daily blogging: BETWEEN. Autumn is between the two temperature extremes of summer and winter. It's a time when nature is shifting -- the scattering of leaves in the northern hemisphere, the first signs of new life down south. Halloween is obviously a time for trick-or-treating, but scratch the surface of the holiday and it makes you start thinking about how your time on earth is just a space between two periods of non-living. What else do you have to say on the theme of being between?
I nearly missed this on the second day of the month because of computer issues. First, my keyboard died when one of our cats spilled wine on it. Then I got a new wireless keyboard, which came with a mouse. The combination did not play well with my computer. The keyboard worked, but the mouse didn't. Then, no USB mouse would work. You try to put together a blog post or do anything more advanced than answer email without a mouse, I dare you. I couldn't. I finally got an old fashioned wired keyboard and a PS2 mouse. Now things work. However, it was enough to make me miss Silly Sustainability Saturday. I'll see if I can make up for it during the week.

As for how I'm going to frame this theme so that it's consistent with the general topics of this blog, that's easy. Our economy is between the fossil fuel economy and whatever post-peak-oil energy economy is coming, whatever that will be. Detroit is between decay and renewal. Our politics are between corruption and either reform or revolution. See what I mean?

Originally posted to Crazy Eddie's Motie News.

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