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Continuing with saving comments. This month, it's one that I left at Kunstler's blog as well as the last comment I left and the now departed The Archdruid Report.

My comment on POTUS at SOTUS.

A fellow blogger didn't know whether Trump's treatment of the Widow Owens was more worthy of Caligula or Joffrey. I responded that Caligula would have slept with her afterwards, if his sister weren't available. I don't know if Joffrey would have done that -- too much like his parents. Substitute daughter for sister, and Trump might have acted like Caligula if he could have gotten away with it. However, the question was about his treatment, not his desires. So, I'll stick with Joffrey, who I've compared Trump to elsewhere.

My comment on How Should We Then Live?

"Judaism wasn’t monotheistic until the Jews picked up that habit from their Zoroastrian Persian liberators"

I'll let sunseekernv discuss the veracity of that. Instead, I'm reminded of the proverbial handwriting on the wall: "Mene, mene, tekel, upharsin," the warning to Belshazzar that the days of his kingdom have been numbered, that he has been judged and found wanting, and that his kingdom would be divided and given to the Persians and Medes, incidentally liberating the Jews in exile. A search of your blog shows that you've never used this phrase, but it is an appropriate warning for any civilization that has been judged and found wanting and whose days are numbered, including our own.

I also found it appropriate that you mentioned the above the same week as Purim, the Jewish festival about overcoming those among their Persian liberators who wished them ill. Synchronicity!

Finally, I'm looking forward to reading you at your new blogging home, wherever it may be (Wordpress, anyone?)
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